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July 2019

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September 2018

After a long hiatus caused by health issues relating to myself and an immediate family member, I will be "back on deck" later this month.

During this time away I have been doing some research and training in the area of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling.  These areas are very useful in Pain Management, Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation.  Due to my own situation, I've become very motivated in the area of Pain Management, and have developed an approach which has been supported by a Pain Specialist and Psychiatrist.

Sleep Studies:  Due to changes within the Church Pharmacy, I will no longer be doing Home Sleep Studies.

Brent Byrne, the owner of the Church Pharmacy, is pleased with the progress of the rebuilding.  The walls should be up by the start of next week.

03 January 2018

Do you like swimming but too afraid to go because you have continence problems?

If so, there is a solution.  Both  Independence Australia and Brightsky are suppliers of swim pants for both men and women.  These cost around $70 and come in different sizes and are designed to be worn under your normal swimming apparel.

So now there is 1 less excuse for not doing that Acquarobics or Heartstart Pool programs. ☻

Hypnosis to treat Depression & Anxiety.

Most Clinical Hypnotherapists will say that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.  A brief scan of Scholarly articles generally highlights that results from clinical trials are mild to moderately positive, however all seem to say this with a great deal of caution and recommend further studies be done.

The caution seems to come from the limited number of people in trials or limited number of trials themselves.  The one thing that is clear is that hypnotherapy is NOT harmful and the data indicates a positive response to hypnotherapy.

In a recent discussion I had with a Clinical Psychologist, she stated that she had seen positive studies using hypnotherapy in children who have been exposed to psychological trauma and asked me where she could undertake a hypnotherapy course.

The upshot of this is that hypnotherapy has been shown to have some positive results in people with depression and/or anxiety when compared to psychotherapy alone.

13 November 2017

The NDIS is here!
This is where a person who has a disability is able to access funds to support them so that they can live as close to a normal life as possible. The Federal Government Agency that is charged with this is the National Disability Insurance Agency, in turn they use a number of Community Organisations to implement the scheme.

The process starts with a person who has a disability making an application for funding, then a 'Planning Coordinator' from a Community Organisation will have a long discussion about the sorts of things and services they will need to enable them to lead a normal life. The Plan Coordinator will then arrange for funds to be made available.

The disabled person is then able to have the Plan Coordinator arrange and pay for the services from the funds, or, the person can elect to manage the funds themselves either personally or by using a 'Plan Partner'.

If the person uses a Plan Coordinator, the Plan Coordinator will only have access to NDIS Registered Providers and Suppliers, whereas if the person elects to manage their own funds and care (or through a Plan Partner), they can use any Provider or Supplier.

Thus the person with a disability who has a Plan, has the choice of who manages their Plan and Funds, and who provides the care. It's the 'Choice' that underpins the NDIS.

04 October 2017

Each holiday season we hear about head on car crashes on the highways. Many of these are attributed to fatigue. I often wonder if the drivers had sleep apnoea,which contributed to the crash.

The link below will lead to a quick quiz which will indicate whether you should see you doctor about having a Sleep Apnoea Test. If you need one see your local Sleep Testing centre or contact me if you are in Bundaberg. 


26 September 2017: 

From the 1st of February 2018, tablets containing low doses of codeine such as Panadeine, Nurofen Plus and Mersyndol Plus, will only be available by Doctor’s prescription.  This also includes common cough medicines like Demazen and Codral.  Research indicates that products like these provide little additional relief over the same products without codeine.  Another reason is to reduce the number of codeine related deaths.

8 August 2017: 

Are you thinking about buying a CPAP machine over the internet?

If the answer is Yes, DO NOT get it out of the box and use it. New CPAP machines need to be set up to deliver the right pressure for YOU. When they come out of the factory they are set on 'Factory Settings', which might (and almost always will not) be appropriate for you.

The correct settings need to be entered after taking into account the results of a Sleep Study. So if you have purchased a CPAP over the internet, take it and your sleep study results to a retail outlets that sells CPAP equipment and ask them to set it up for you. Most reputable businesses will do this for a small charge. Frankly in the long run you are better to buy this equipment from a retailer near where you live, even though it costs more, as most of these places will offer to provide on-going services.

Another aspect is the mathematical formulas used by each brand of equipment to deliver air pressure (in Auto machines) can vary. So you need to be very cautious. Stick to well known brands.

The old saying 'you get what you pay for' is relevant here too.